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About the Bacchus

Bacchus is a brand of Deviser Guitars that is proud of its highest-class building techniques cultivated in Japan since 1977.  Founded by the honorable and acclaimed luthier Mr. Yasuo Momose, the company started as the acoustic guitar brand of Headway. Deviser offers the highest level of manufacturing techniques and technologies, committed to selecting the best woods and materials, overwhelming others.One of the advantages that other famous brands are unable to match is that Bacchus found creative ways to cut costs, increasing the value of their finished products. The high art of woodworking in Japan has been cultivated for ages. It is now being honoured furthermore by the passion and skills of current artisans. Bacchus’ factories in other parts of Asia allow them to offer excellent quality instruments for all budgets.

About our Shop

We are a musical instruments store located in Kobe, Japan. From among the many brands that we carry, regardless of the place it was built like Japan or abroad, all the musical instruments are chosen for their reliability, quality and great sound. We select brands that we are confident to recommend! Of course, the products that we sell go through a strict inspection by the manufacturer, as to satisfy our customers. Independently, sold instruments are properly set up and are subjected to a final inspection by our technicians before shipping. We are an authorised dealer for all the products that we represent and our shop offers brand new products only. We are truly grateful for your consideration.

2-6-18 1F Ninomiyacho, Chuoku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Postal code: 651-0093

Of course, we are able to deliver products world-wide. Feel free to use the link provided in the "How to order" section, to approximate the shipping costs based on location and weight. We will provide precise shipping cost on demand. Please contact us if you have any questions about us, our manufacturers' products or their availability. In the case of goods shortage, we will guide you through the next delivery date. It's also possible to make a reservation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Momose and STR Guitar and Bass

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How to Order

Please send us a description or a link of the product you want to order via Email address of the store.

EXAMPLE: Subject: Order...
1) Item description, color, fingerboard etc. or link of the product
2) Quantity
3) Your name
4) Your Country, ZIP code and address
5) Your phone number

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Available Payment Methods

PayPal only

We will send an invoice from PayPal after your final order.
Items in stock will be shipped within two or three days after the confirmation of the settlement.

[Bank transfer]
Banks will charge you a transfer fee.
Remittance fee will vary depending on the bank that you use.
Please check with your institution


Reservation of stock items is also possible.
Upfront partial payment of 30% of the total cost will be required.
The 70% balance remaining cost plus shipping cost will be charge upon shipping from the store.

Postage Delivery Method

Shipping EMS (Express Mail Service) and insured.

Postage fees will vary depending on the weight and the location.
The link below will help you evaluate the approximate shipping cost of your instrument based on location and weight.
We will provide precise shipping cost on demand.

You can check rates and delivery days
*1. The type of article is "Parcel (package)".
*2. The average weight of articles including accessories and box is approximately: (Bass) 7000 grams~/ (Guitar) 6000 grams~.
*3. Prefecture is "Hyogo" .

Important Information

The warranty of most products can only be applied in the country were they are sold.
If you would ever come across a warranty issue, we will be glad to assist you through the whole process.
Please be aware that published photographs of each model are samples.
Wood grain pattern and other aspects might be different from the product that will be delivered.
Minor specifications might also change without notice.
Duty fees are applied on most products shipped internationally. Duties will be charged by the custom agency of your country and will need to be paid by upon reception of your product.

Customer's Voice

We want to say thanks to all customers.

"Bacchusdo is absolutely what you can rely on to trade guitar.

They are willing to answer any of your question patiently. Buying guitar from Bacchusdo can no doubt make you feel the rigor and the seriousness of Japanese preforming their duty. Same things you can find from those high quality Japanese guitars that Bacchusdo sells. This is the quality and reputation from Japan that I have grown up with, a bit hard to find nowadays unfortunately but Bacchusdo proves it again! I will definitely recommend Bacchusdo to all guitarists and bassists as the shop to find their love. Especially to those living outside Japan, Bacchusdo can offer you guaranteed Worldwide service."

(From Hong Kong)

"Thanx, i got the bass friday, and i love it so far."

I acutally plugged it into my Macbook pro and recorded a song/video - it's now on Youtube.

(From Norway)

"The guitar has arrived in good condition."
Nice doing business with you.

Thank you.

With regards,


"The guitar arrived today."
It shows amazing craftsmanship and tone, better than Fen***
I was also extremely impressed with your professional service and fast delivery.
I look forward to buying more guitars from you soon!
Thanks again.

(From Australia)

"I have received the instrument today, in good condition."
I must say that I am very impressed by the quality of the bass: looks, feeling, craftsmanship
and sound are superb. This is a wonderful jazz-type bass.

I would like to thank you for your fast and reliable service and I hope to
be your customer again.

(From Switzerland)


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